24k gold disc - Gold ctr rings.

24k Gold Disc

24k gold disc

    gold disc
  • The final beta version of a game is stored on a "gold Disc". This disc is very important because the final version of a game is stored here so that copies can be made to be sold in stores.

  • Music recording sales certification is a system of certifying that a music recording has shipped or sold a certain number of copies.

  • Felix Delgado (born December 18, 1974), better known by his stage name Cuban Link, is a Cuban rapper.

  • The carat (abbreviation ct or kt) is a measure of the purity of gold alloys. In the United States and Canada, the spelling karat is used.

24k gold disc - Ultralink DISC-2M

Ultralink DISC-2M Discovery Advanced Performance Series Audio Interconnect Cable (2 meter pair)

Ultralink DISC-2M Discovery Advanced Performance Series Audio Interconnect Cable (2 meter pair)

ULTRALINK's Discovery Audio Interconnect Advanced Performance Series provides ultra-high performance audio cable for home theatre systems.
The wire-and-cable component is the single most pervasive element in your entire system, connecting every piece of hardware to the next. Without a well-designed, properly conceived signal-delivery system of quality cables, you leave an awful lot of the performance that you paid for in the box.
ULTRALINK's philosophy regarding the transmission of audio and video is to get out of the way. Unlike other components, whose job is to do something, the wire and cable's job is to do nothing, letting the other components reveal to their fullest ability the performance of the musicians and the filmmakers.
Unlike other vendors of wire and cable, ULTRALINK is a manufacturer of wire and cable. They buy raw materials. They machine their connectors. Almost all high-end cable companies are marketing companies only, importing completed or almost completed goods and selling them as their own.
It should be obvious that the things that make a good phono cable or digital video cable aren't the same as what will make a good speaker wire. As an engineering- and performance-driven manufacturing company, ULTRALINK produces application-specific products that are each designed and manufactured for that application, using all appropriate materials, techniques, and technologies.
Even within a brand and a line of ULTRALINK products ? you'll see different design, materials, and construction ? ones specific to the job that you're asking of that cable. It's pure design, the best materials (many of which are available exclusively to ULTRALINK), their own manufacturing, and 100 percent quality control, which allows ULTRALINK to offer a lifetime warranty.

85% (17)

Venetian Lampwork Gold Foil Earrings

Venetian Lampwork Gold Foil Earrings

Venetian lampwork beaded earrings with fiorato disc beads is authentic Murano glass with painted red flowers and 24K gold foil submerged within. 14K GF earring wires.

? Venetian lampwork fiorato glass beads - 24K gold foil, 17mm
? 14K gold filled earring wires, round beads and headpins
? Swarovski crystals - "Golden Shadow"
? Antique gold plated bead caps
? Drop is 1 3/4 inches


Pearls Blue Sapphire and Gold Filled Earrings - Isabella Limited Edition Earrings

Pearls Blue Sapphire and Gold Filled Earrings - Isabella Limited Edition Earrings

Beautiful peach champagne colored freshwater pearls topped with a cluster of blue Sapphires and a single brushed 24k vermeil disc. Each Sapphire is poised on 24k vermeil head pins. Each earring dangles from delicate handcrafted 14k gold filled ear wires.

These earrings are approximately 1.75 inches/4.4 cm long.

24k gold disc

24k gold disc

MemKeeper 25 Pack with MAM-A 100 Year 24K Gold DVDs, DiscKeeper UV Cases and SafeWrite Pen

The MemKeeper kit contains only the highest quality materials to make sure that you have taken every step available to protect your precious memories. At the heart of the kit is MAM-A 24K Gold discs. These discs are known worldwide as the most reliable and outstanding media you can buy. If it's not made by MAM-A, it is not the best. If it's not 24K gold, it is not the best. Memories are priceless buy the best! To keep your discs safe from UV rays and other abuse the DiscKeeper Case plays a simple yet vital role. You will also find the paper sleeve cover very convenient for labeling your content. Also included is one SafeWrite pen. These pens are made from solvent free inks. Unlike standard marking pens these will not harm the protective upper surface of your discs. Handling Instructions included with this kit will also help you learn many things to make sure you get the maximum life from your media. The MemKeeper Archive kit contains everything you need to have the peace of mind that you have done all you can to preserve your all important memories.

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